Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Arumdabda - Beautiful!

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am writing my first Post in this Section.

I want to begin with a Movie, that made me thinking.

It`s the Movie "Arumdabda - Beautiful".

This is a Movie, in which every Man can learn something about looking at Womans.

I saw this Movie and it changed my Mind.

It`s about a very Beautiful Woman named Eun-Young. When she is walking outside, if it`s the City, in the Park or in a Market, no matter Where every Man turns around to stare at her Beauty. Womans get jealous of her, especially by her best Girlfriend, who is since 10 Years a Friend of Eun-Young, because her Boyfriend is ever calling Eun-Young. But Eun-Young isn`t interested in a Mans who just sees her outwardly Beauty. Because of this, she thinks Mans are all the Same. One Day a Stalker, who is after Eun-Young too, breaks into her Apartment. She tries to protecting herself, but she got punched by him and falls to the Ground. He sees an Opening and rapes her. While lying on the Ground, the Stalker goes to the Police Station and turns himself in. He discribes, how Beautiful she is and that he couldn`t control himself. The Police Officers get Eun-Young from her Apartment to the Station. But Luck isn`t on Eun-Young`s Side, because the Police Officers feel Pity for him and blame her for showing off her Beauty everywhere. After that, she hates herself for being Beauty and begins binge-eating, food refusal and excessive Sport to get Fat and Ugly.

But will Eun-Young make it to get rid of her Beauty?